What we offer

Grade food and Menu in the partner Restaurant

In Varaita Valley, where they speak the ancient Occitan language, there's good food. In the many restaurants there is the rich "menu of Barba Bertu" eating well and cheaply!

Tours and walks

Excursions for young and old. Many routes to do on foot, by bike, on horseback, or with ciastre in magnificent scenery at the foot of Monviso Mount, both suitable for experienced hikers or walkers simple.

Animals to discover

Observe animals in their natural environment: gives indescribable emotions!

Sport fishing

The Varaita stream and numerous alpine lakes offer endless possibilities for those who love fishing. A stretch of the Varaita, departing from Frassino, is reserved for lovers of the "fishing no kill".

Motorbike tour

The Col d'Agnello pass is the second high mountain pass in Italy after the Stelvio. The hill of Sampeyre connects with Elva and nearby Val Maira. The Colletta di Isasca allows instead of approaching rapidly to the sources of Pian del Re, where the river Po start.

Art treasures

In the old Marquis of Saluzzo, There are so many "treasures ate to discover." Neighbors and reached easily and quickly from Frassino. Elva, whose parish houses has magnificent frescoes by Hans Clemer; sundials of Bellino, and many magnificent examples of alpine architecture. The many museums. The Sanctuary of Valmala, the most important of the Diocese of Saluzzo. The castles of Manta and Lagnasco. Saluzzo, capital of the Marquis; the source of the Po at Pian del Re. The Abbey of Staffarda and the village of Pra d 'Mill, where 14 monks live today. Cuneo, the capital of the "Granda" ...

Secure Parking

The B&B offers a secure internal parking service for customers' bikes and motorcycles.

Mountain to discover

Varaita Valley ("Valley Varacio" in the Occitan language) is one of thirteen valleys in the provinces of Cuneo and Turin, where they still speak the ancient Occitan language of the troubadours. The Occitan language is officially recognized by the Italian state. It 'very interesting for those who want to understand the unique context in which it is located, approach with due attention to the rich Occitan culture of the valleys at the foot of Monviso. Varaita Valley is one of the richest valleys in terms of music: they are in fact preserved 24 different dances and there are many festivals in the summer in the Occitan mountain villages. Among the most famous festivals is the "Baìo" of Sampeyre, which with its 400 characters in costume is one of the most interesting of the Alps! It takes place every five years during Carnival and it is absolutely a must-see event. The forest of 'Alevè is the largest expanse of stone pines in Europe, already mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid. Monviso with its distinctive pyramid dominates the landscape below. The Po was born in the bog of Pian del Re ...

For the more experienced

Ice climbing

Possibility of excursions on the ice leaning on experienced mountain guides.

GTA routes

There are many routes to take, depending on their means.

Animals to discover

Admire and photograph animals in their natural environment.